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ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals Stock Chart Analysis Video(0)

The ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AMEX:ANX) stock chart is holding a solid support level at $0.56 and climbing again towards the upper portion of a multi-month channel with resistance at 67 cents. Volume has remained consistent, but technical traders will be looking for a surge to take out the top of the channel with the next resistance not until 81 cents. On a pullback, the bottom support must hold for the stock chart to remain in play. Read More

Canadian Stock to Watch: Xtierra Inc.(0)

The Xtierra Inc. (TSX-Venture:XAG) chart ended last week strong, moving off a solid bottom support. The indicators are aligned for a reversal in the chart with a “double pinch” of the PPO and ADX as momentum and trend shifts appear to be happening at the same time. Many times when the PPO and ADX drop into a pincher play setup Read More

Sino Payments Stock Chart Analysis Video(0)

Volume increased on Friday for Sino Payments, Inc. (OTCQB:SNPY) as the price per share pushed through a resistance point at a nickel. Heading towards a possible blue-sky breakout, no resistance is in sight until the old high at 7.6 cents. The indicators have reset while holding bullish positions, lending credence to the possibility of continued upward pressure. Read More

AltiGen Communications Stock Chart Analysis Video(0)

The AltiGen Communications (OTCQX: ATGN) chart looks to have found a bottom at 20 cents in December and is putting together a solid uptrend as the indicators are shifting from bearish to bullish. Some resistance is set at 35 cents, but solid support is nearby as the moving averages are curling underneath the price per share giving the chart a very solid appeal. Officially a Read More

China Armco Metals Stock Chart Analysis Video(0)

A technically appealing component of the China Armco Metals chart is the fact that it is receiving both dynamic (50 sdma) and static support at 33 cents. A consolidation appears to be ending after a sharp move which will have technical traders looking for upward pressure to test 50 cents. Read More

CrowdGather Video Stock Chart Analysis CrowdGather Video Stock Chart Analysis(0)

The CrowdGather, Inc. (OTCBB:CRWG) chart moved through resistance at 12.5 cents yesterday. Volume was below average, but the MACD and RSI are showing strength to trend and momentum in the chart. Importantly, there is a strong positive divergence Read More

ChromaDex Corp. Video Stock Chart Analysis(0)

The ChromaDex Corp. (OTCBB:CDXC) stock chart is on the rise in the New Year. A strong MACD/PPS positive divergence is happening as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is showing momentum coming into the play. The bottom support at 50 cents must hold on any pullback in share price. Read More

Star Scientific Stock Chart Analysis Video(0)

The CIGX chart has been in a channel since August 2011.  The candles are back down on the lower side of the channel and the green closes two out of the last three days is giving the indicators a lift and potentially a move off the bottom and back towards the upper side of the channel.  Bottom support runs Read More

SANUWAVE Health Stock Chart Analysis Video(1)

After a steep drop from near $1.40 to touch 15 cents in a matter of days, the SANUWAVE Health (OTCQB: SNWV) chart had a nice bounce of 44% on Friday. The chart looks poised for the strong bounce to continue in early trading this week. Read More

Brekford Corp. Stock Chart Analysis Video(0)

The Brekford Corp. (OTCBB: BFDI) stock chart has been in a solid uptrend for nearly a year.  After a brief consolidation which dipped the price to support, a push at the end of 2011 has the chart kicking-off the new year at resistance and looking for a blue sky breakout passed 70 cents. Read More

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Dana-Farber to Host Cellceutix Trials

Cellceutix Corporation (CTIX)
Cellceutix Corporation has filed its Investigational New Drug application with the FDA. Dana-Farber and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center will be hosting the clinical trials for Kevetrin, Cellceutix's novel cancer drug. Read more news and get a stock quote.

Diabetes Rate Growing Exponentially

According to the International Diabetes Federation, more than 500 million people will be diagnosed with diabetes in the next two decades, a more than 50 percent increase from today. Technologies are available presently to help manage the frequency, complications and costs associated with diabetes. Read the complete article to learn more.

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