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The founders of OTC have been around the stock market industry, primarily the “Over The Counter” exchange for many years. After seeing countless promotions based on nothing more than the promotion of dilution of a company, we embarked on a new revolution to commit ourselves to honest, ethical spotlights of deserving companies. We do not merely accept compensation to shamelessly promote anyone. We have guidelines and conduct interviews with perspective clients before mention on OTCS. Upon approval, we offer many services to help get your company the level of consideration by possible investors and do things in a manner to keep both your reputation and our clean and professional. We are the elite website and purveyors of corporate information. We have had our clients refer to us as actually being an “advisory firm” rather than a investor relations program provider. Our partnerships within the industry are unparalleled as we are constantly expanding our affiliate base and our connections with major publications in any given industry. We specialize in branding your company name not only to investors and websites, but are unique in the fact that we work with industry magazines to get your name in the lights to help market your products. That is what it is all about after all, isn’t it? Let our experiences help with displaying what your company offers. The stock price will achieve legitimate movement once that happens.

What you get:

  1. Logo display and brief summary on our front page
  2. Monthly email of corporate status and updates
  3. “Profiled Spotlight” about your company sent through our newsletter upon contract
  4. Detailed corporate information on own page
  5. Annotated video chart weekly (posted on You Tube, Twitter, affiliate websites)
  6. Separate blog topic for investor discussion
  7. Coverage on our Twitter page

Most importantly, you receive our experience tailored to your needs to develop your company name. We work very closely with our clients to assist in them achieving the successes that they desire!

Other Services (upon request)

  • Live interview upon request (posted to our website and Itunes)
  • Advertisement and discussion on our radio show

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