Why Enviro Voraxial Technologies Can Fill A Void For Companies Like Exxon And BP

John DiBella, president and CEO of Enviro Voraxial Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:EVTN), released a statement in January of this year. Dibella confirmed that EVTN had met its revenue increase of 250% for fiscal year 2011. He also feels confident enough to present favorable forecasts in increased demand and revenue for fiscal year 2012. If this trend is steady for 2012, projections can only be higher for the next year.

EVTN can attribute its financial success to its revolutionary product, the Voraxial®. Basically, this machine helps separate crude oil from water, which is a natural byproduct of pumping oil from the ground or off-shore. According to this press release and previous documentation, the Voraxial® has made this tedious and expensive process more easy and economical than other methods. With the development of the new Voraxial 8000, the machine is now submergible and brings the money saving technology to offshore oil drilling stations. Dibella states that the Voraxial8000 is able to pump forty tons of oil a minute and does not require a lot of energy.

In the past, separating oil from water and other solid byproducts was more costly and did not do an efficient job. They also required a lot of power EVTN, says DiBella, has decreased both processing costs and energy use, while increasing efficiency. This is especially salient in oil spill disasters, which also depend on oil/water separation technology. In such an emergency, time and efficiency are paramount to save the affected ocean and wildlife.

Such disasters have happened for major oil producers such as Exxon (NYSE:XOM) and BP PLC (NYSE:BP). These companies spent billions on oil spill accidents that caused unfathomable damage to ocean waters, sea creatures, and waterfowl. It required billions of dollars in cleanup and lost wages for other industries that depend on the oceans and seashores. Additionally, commerce and trade suffers higher prices due to increased prices in petroleum products, especially gasoline. Meanwhile, companies pass on the blight to consumers in way of higher costs in goods and services. We may not cry over spilled milk, but everyone can bawl over spilled oil.

EVTN’s technology can truly fill a financial gap for some of these big oil companies. Machines like the Voraxial8000® may help lower production costs as more companies are drilling offshore. In the event of an oil spill, this technology can minimize cleanup time and do a better job. Energy is conserved, the environment can be safeguarded, and consumers can expect to pay a little less at the pump and for other things. Now that is a profit in which we can all feel good. EVTN is clearly undervalued and looks like they are on track to lock down some very big contracts with some fortune 10 oil companies.

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