Legends Business Group Taking Pre-Orders for New Charger Line

“Raise your batteries from the dead” is the mantra of Legends Business Group (Pinksheets: LGBS) for its Line of Zombie Chargers. The company is set to bring its new products to market in beta versions that are designed to showcase the prowess of the new charging systems, called the “Multi-Function Charger Controller,” or MFCC, and the “Restorer Charger,” or RC.

The Miami, Florida-based company said on January 17 the Zombie Charger product line is in the midst of manufacturing. On Thursday, Legends announced that pre-orders for both chargers are now being accepted with the finished products slated to be ready for shipment in the next few weeks.

Around that same time, Legends also announced Jeffery C. Wilson, the inventor of the Zombie Charger line, as a new consultant to the company. Wilson has a distinguished resume, including three network engineering certificates, twelve years of active military duty where he received an award from then President Ronald Reagan for a design of a new generator set and support on the Presidential Aircraft; work on B1 and B2 bombers; playing a key role in the development of the Detroit Diesel Elecotronically Controlled generator; and more.

The company’s website says that the new products are only for personal use at this point.

“The Zombie Chargers product line is ready for preliminary release to the public,” said Rudy Sablon, LGBS’s President and CEO. “We are pleased with the current progress that has exceeded our current projections and are eager to hear from our customers about their experiences in energy savings and about their success with restoring batteries.”

So what are they? The MFCC is a multi-function charging controller that is powered by either AC or solar input. The device can charge 12, 24, 36 and 48-volt lead acid or sealed lead acid DC batteries and can be hooked to a computer via a serial port to provide charging information. Unlike traditional chargers, the MFCC utilizes algorithm and bi-directional communications to maximize the efficiency of the charge.

The RC is built upon similar technology and can also utilize either AC or solar power and algorithms to restore and charge lead acid or sealed lead acid batteries. Again, real time information is provided during the charging cycle to detail the drain and recharge cycle. Unlike today’s rejuvenators and de-sulfating equipment, which tend to use high current to restore batteries the RC continuously adjusts throughout its complex cycle.

Shares of LGBS have made a nice climb over the past year; climbing from under $0.0003 to as high as $0.0091 before fading back down to the area of $0.001. The news today isn’t giving much of a lift to interest, but the launch of the product and generation of revenues in the future just may.

Midway through Thursday’s trading session, shares are printing $0.0013 (-13.33%) with 3.2 million shares in volume.

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